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Moran Family of Brands to Re-Brand Alta Mere With a Focus on Safety

Alta Mere Automotive Outfitters announced plans to re-launch its new brand image in 2014. The aftermarket accessories company is reorganizing its product line-up with a larger selection of driver safety products. While many of their accessories, such as GPS, remote start, tint, alarms and audio will still be available, stores will now offer a wide variety of collision avoidance detection technology, cellphone blockers and rear-view back-up cameras.

Alta Mere now offers cellphone text blockers. These devices prevent text messages and phone calls from being sent or received while the person is driving. The company says this technology prevents accidents caused by distracted driving and helps customers obey laws that prohibit texting while driving.

Among other safety accessories available is Alta Mere's collision avoidance detection. Sensors alert drivers when cars are approaching their vehicle from blind spots. Back-up cameras, mounted on the back of the vehicle, display the blind spot underneath the rear windshield on drivers' consoles, which aims to help drivers avoid debris, small animals and children.

This re-launch is the result of the Moran Family of Brands and Alta Mere responding to consumer demand for safer driving on the road.

"We understand that drivers want the newest in safety technology," said Barbara Moran-Goodrich, CEO of the Moran Family of Brands. "With so many new accessories, we feel that Alta Mere's success will come from making people feel safe on the road."

Alta Mere will be hosting a re-launch event this fall in Oklahoma City. Franchise owner Greg Goodman  agreed to become Alta Mere's model location and training facility for the move toward safety, which will include new interior design, digital menu boards and an additional driver's safety section of the showroom. Franchisees will be able to see the redesigned store and product lines, which they will be expected to mirror at their own locations.

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