Friday, 31 December 2004 17:00

AASP endorses SCRS two-way communication petition

Advancing a cause that is steadily gaining momentum, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) - a national association representing the collision repair industry - has endorsed the petition spearheaded by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) to support two-way communication between like estimating systems. 

AASP joins a burgeoning group of industry professionals, associations and organizations that is asking the industry information providers to allow for the ability - regardless of whether they are in a DRP relationship - to electronically transmit and receive an assignment, estimate, supplement or attachment(s) with one or more service providers (repairer, insurer, appraiser) that share a common platform.

"SCRS approached us in November during Industry Week to explain the petition and gauge our interest in providing a unified front," recalls Nick Kostakis, president of AASP National. "Our Board approved endorsing the petition and continuing to work together until this issue is resolved."

AASP members feel strongly about this type of open standard for data transmission. They believe the collision repair industry is unnecessarily burdened by the information providers' inability to provide repairers with the technology that is readily available today.

Burden of re-keying

"Our shops often need to have an insurance carrier's estimate in their computer to manage that repair in their facility and to be able to generate accurate supplements," Kostakis explains. "In the absence of two-way communication, repair shops now incur the additional burden of having to waste hours manually re-keying these estimates. With today's information technology, this should be a fairly simple obstacle to overcome."

AASP maintains that a collective effort is the best way to pursue two-way communication. "By aligning with SCRS and others on the issue, our opportunity to create positive change increases," Kostakis says.

"It's been proven that when we work as a unified entity with other industry elements, we're much more effective."

SCRS appreciates the support of the AASP and their membership. "We're excited that the AASP is joining us in our effort. We believe that having two national associations support this cause will further validate to the information providers that this is what their customers want. This serves as a great example of how 'Working Together Is The Most Important Work We Do,'" furthered Lou DiLisio, SCRS Chairman.