Monday, 28 February 2005 17:00

7 San Diego Allpro shops stripped of BAR registrations

After a year-long investigation, seven Allpro Paint and Body shops in the San Diego area were shut down in November after their registrations were revoked by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). 

In the Stipulated Settlement and Disciplinary Order, shop owner Robert Olivieri agreed that the charges of fraud leveled at the Allpro shops, if proven, would be cause for disciplinary action upon their registrations. In the interest of resolving the accusations without expense and further proceedings, Olivieri agreed not to contest those charges and to accept the disciplinary action detailed in the Order. Additionally, Olivieri agreed to withdraw his request for a hearing.

The BAR agreed to waive $15,000 in costs providing that Olivieri does not apply for any future registrations. Full payment of costs are a precondition to re-acquiring any location registrations.

Although Olivieri made certain admissions of guilt, they apply only to Stipu-lated Settlement and Disciplinary Order and are not admissible in any other criminal or civil proceeding. However, if Olivieri ever applies for an Automotive Repair Dealer Registration in the future, all the allegations will be considered to be true.

Olivieri also agreed to $5,000 in restitution to be paid to consumers identified by the BAR.

BAR Chief Dick Ross, commenting on the shop closures, said: "A big part of consumer protection is maintaining integrity within the automotive industry. Our enforcement operation is committed to safeguarding California's reputable businesses as well as our consumers." New owners

BAR officials further explained that Olivieri has since sold the shops, but that the new owners initially appeared to have ties to Olivieri and therefore, under the terms of the settlement, their applications for a license were denied.

The new owners had the right to appeal the denials and at least one did so successfully. As of late December, the shop on Oceanside Boulevard in Oceanside appeared to have reopened under new ownership with the name of Tovar's Paint and Body. Calls to numbers listed for the other Allpro locations resulted in either no answer or in a message indicating that the number had been disconnected.

Consumer complaints

The accusations against Allpro resulted in 87 causes for discipline. The violations ranged from seemingly minor paperwork complaints to disregard for accepted trade standards, resulting in substandard repairs and potential safety issues.

In one situation concerning a late model Toyota, Allpro allegedly sectioned the radiator core support lower tie bar near the center of the lower tie bar, failed to install the left front sub-frame brace and bolt after replacing the left front frame horn, and failed to bolt the air conditioning condenser to the radiator core support.

Other causes for discipline alleged by the BAR included invoicing and accepting payment for work not done, subletting repairs without prior authorization, and making misleading statements about the actual status of repairs.


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