Monday, 02 June 2014 16:41

VIN and Safety Labels from AutomotiveID Bring Vehicles Another Step Closer to Pre-Loss Condition

Whether you’ve struggled with the need to replace automotive VIN and safety labels or you’ve never given them a second thought, the federal law mandates these labels be permanently affixed to every vehicle, yet they’re the part least likely to be fixed during a repair! Manufacturers rely on both the safety certification label and the tire-and-load label to convey important safety information to drivers. These labels are customized with the VIN and month/year of manufacture for each unique vehicle, but while it’s easy to match these labels to a specific vehicle on the production line, manufacturers are not equipped to replace a single custom label after the car leaves their plant. That’s where AutomotiveID comes in.

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Automotive ID launched in 2007 to fill this need within the collision repair industry. One-of-a-kind VIN and safety labels were not being replaced and, at best, were being cut out and stuffed in the glove box. The company’s sole business is the production of these unique VIN and safety certification labels, and AutomotiveID supplies collision repair facilities in every state in the U.S. and throughout Canada.


As a provider of aftermarket automotive labels to the collision repair industry, AutomotiveID produces high-quality labels for all makes and models of cars and light trucks, allowing their replacement to go from nearly impossible to one of the easiest parts to replace. Beyond the simple need to restore a vehicle to its pre-loss condition, replacing these labels is imperative because they instruct drivers on how to handle and maintain their vehicles, including tire inflation recommendations and load limits, both of which are extremely important since ignoring these ratings can lead to dangerous wrecks; this is why the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) insists the information contained on these labels is critical to public safety.

For collision repair facilities, the benefits of restoring a vehicle to its pre-loss condition by using AutomotiveID’s labels is obvious, but because insurance companies also recognize the benefit of maintaining the safety of their customer’s vehicle and the value of their own insurable interest, shops can finally get paid for doing the right thing and replacing these custom VIN and safety certification labels. Besides the safety factors mentioned, AutomotiveID labels also help consumers maintain the value of their vehicles as appraisers typically discount trade-ins with missing labels since the absence of these labels limit their knowledge of the vehicle.

AutomotiveID replacement labels fulfill many needs to the benefit of all vested parties. In addition to providing federal regulation compliance of repaired vehicles, these labels preserve the value of the vehicles, provide necessary tracking information, and supply the repair facility with incremental revenue and compensation on work for which they haven’t traditionally received payment. Each party in the collision repair industry has different, yet valid, reasons for recognizing the importance of replacing vehicle labels, but the predominant concern relates to public safety, and AutomotiveID services undeniably contribute to this factor.

AutomotiveID offers a complete line of automotive labels, including certification, service parts, tire and loading, emission control, paint and trim, anti-theft and all other aftermarket labels that are typically difficult to find. All of their replacement labels meet the standards set forth by the NHTSA, and AutomotiveID enters all information by hand to ensure accuracy as part of their thorough process of quality control and independent verification procedures.

So how do you order replacement labels from AutomotiveID? Easily because it’s all done online! Simply visit their secure website, complete the order form, and upload a photograph of the original label. AutomotiveID will enter the necessary information and print a new label, which you can receive as early as the next business day. AutomotiveID replacement labels adhere to all NHTSA content standards, contain the exact same information as the original label, including fully functional bar codes, and are permanent and weatherproof.

With their industry-leading, web-based ordering and rapid return processes, AutomotiveID ensures their replacement labels are the “easiest part to put back on.”