Monday, 02 June 2014 21:33

Car-O-Liner Offers Free Value-Added Design Planning

Car-O-Liner, a leading global provider of collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket, offers WorkShop facility design planning for Car-O-Liner equipment placement as a free, value-added service through local, authorized Car-O-Liner distributors.

Through this service, shops address challenges posed by limited space or awkward building layouts by designing a concept for how Car-O-Liner equipment will best fit to optimize work flow, thereby providing confidence that their equipment investment will maximize both technician productivity and shop profitability.

After consulting on the objectives of the facility, the Car-O-Liner distributor will work with shop operators and their architects to plan and visualize the most effective layout from a top view in 2D. The unique footprint of the building is accurately represented to include structural attributes such as garage bay openings as well as doors, windows, lighting, and more. Equipment can be rotated and moved, in real time, to determine optimal placement with consideration for vehicle flow restrictions, safety, and other requirements of the space. At any time, the design can be viewed in 3D from any angle with the ability to save and print high-resolution drawings and specifications. In addition to 3D renderings, a detailed report of the Car-O-Liner equipment specifications selected for the layout can be printed to quickly and easily make the design a reality.