Monday, 02 June 2014 19:08

Auto Damage Experts Will Perform Inspection and Verification for Assured Performance Network’s Certified Repair Shops

Assured Performance and Auto Damage Experts (ADE) announced at the latest Collision Industry Conference (CIC) that ADE has been chosen to perform the inspection and verification of Assured Performance Certified repair facilities across the country.

The Assured Performance certification program provides a third-party assessment of a shop’s ability to properly repair today’s complex vehicles back to the manufacturer’s specifications by having the proper tools, equipment, training, and facility. Assured Performance and ADE will work together to deliver an accurate and efficient process to assess the participating shops’ capabilities, providing the consumer with an accurate and credible national network of competent and reliable shops to choose from in the event of a collision. ADE has been long known for its superior vehicle appraisal and valuation services, but ADE also provides a suite of services including, but not limited to:

  • Detailed collision forensics
  • On-site and remote pre-repair inspections, ensuring the accuracy of an estimate
  • In-process repair monitoring, ensuring the proper processes and materials
  • Post-repair inspections and verifications, providing confirmation of an accurate repair
  • Training and assistance in damage analysis, equipping shops and adjustors with the most up-to-date information on repair specifications and techniques.
  • Assessment of required repairs and the manufacturer’s recommended processes and materials
  • Coaching/consulting for day-to-day business operations

“Assured Performance has developed a first-class program that offers significant value and opportunities to its qualified members,” said Barrett Smith, ADE founder and president. “We’re excited and proud to work with Assured Performance in helping quality repairers take advantage of the many benefits of the certification program, including recognitions from numerous OEMs.”

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