Monday, 02 June 2014 18:27

Auto Body Parts Receive Consumer Discount at Auto Pros USA Parts Retail Website

Auto body parts are now under new terms of sale at the Auto Pros USA website. All import and domestic parts shippable are receiving new sticker prices for purchasers. Discounts for select types of auto parts can be hard for consumers to locate because of the increase of freight costs for automobile parts shipments. The Auto Pros USA company is now providing a discount for all used auto body parts available for sale on their website. The entire inventory of American and imported models of parts that are available for public sale in 2014 has been lowered in retail price. New contracts with agencies offering better prices has helped to configure the current discounts that are found when shopping on the company homepage in 2014.

“The vehicle body parts that are offered are in preowned and in aftermarket condition to provide easy selection options for parts purchasers,” an Auto Pros source said.

The automobile replacement parts for sale that are marketed on the Auto Pros website to consumers now feature a new phase of warranty coverage. The extension of warranty periods now included for most parts sales is already calculated in the quoted prices.

“American and foreign automaker brands can be found using our search location tool on our homepage to discover all components discounts in place,” confirmed the source.

The Auto Pros USA company website now provides consumers with the updated toll-free phone line used to support customers not shopping through the homepage this year. The number at 1-888-230-1731 is now in place for consumers to use for locating company supplied parts.

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