Wednesday, 07 May 2014 21:49

PartsTrader Completes National Rollout, Now Available in All States

PartsTrader completed the national deployment of its parts procurement platform, which began in August 2013, according to a press release dated April 23, 2014.

As of April 17, 2014, collision repairers and parts suppliers are active on the system in all 48 continental states and the District of Columbia. Throughout the initial pilot and subsequent roll-out stage of the program, full adoption and use of the system has continued to grow each month. There are currently over 7,500 repairers and 8,500 suppliers active on the PartsTrader system. Of the active suppliers, over 75 percent are OEM dealers.

“A dedicated field presence in each new market by knowledgeable PartsTrader staff has been a big help in assisting our customers adapt to a new parts-purchasing process,” said Dale Sailer, PartsTrader vice president of business development. “Our field staff has focused most of their effort on training users and listening—bringing suggestions for new functionality and integration back to the product team that have increased our value to users with each new release.” Since launching its initial pilot product 25 months ago, PartsTrader has processed over 750,000 quote requests, with an average response time from suppliers of less than 15 minutes. These quote requests have generated over 1,000,000 confirmed parts orders.

PartsTrader says it has remained committed to its primary objective: to provide a platform that positions repairers at the center of the parts procurement process.

Repairers choose which OEM dealers they invite to quote. Repairers choose who to order from after considering quality, service, delivery time, part types, the reputation of the suppliers, and price. Repairers choose when to order (the need may be so urgent that there is not enough time to seek competitive quotes). All suppliers are given the same equal opportunity to compete for a repairer’s business

Insurers do not have access to a repairer’s buy prices, other than for recycled parts, as they do today.

“Our core application is now very different from when we started over two years ago,” said Rob Cooper, PartsTrader CEO. “We are committed to giving repairers and suppliers a product of choice by continuing to adapt it to their changing needs. Earlier this year we introduced the industry’s first system for tracking two-way repairer and supplier performance feedback. For example, repairers now have the ability to rate suppliers based on service and quality of the parts delivered. This ensures that each party can make a fully-informed business decision before placing or responding to an order. Most recently, we’ve enhanced vehicle mapping capabilities and improved integration with the estimating systems and have many more exciting features on the near-term horizon.”

Driven by customer feedback and the increasing industry adoption rate, PartsTrader is available to all repairers and suppliers across the country, regardless of any Direct Repair Program (DRP) affiliation. Everyone can now benefit from a robust and customizable parts procurement system. Repairers interested in using PartsTrader for efficient procurement can register their interest on the PartsTrader website and be up-and-running in the same business day, if desired.

Suppliers who are interested in reaching parts buyers through the PartsTrader marketplace must be nominated by a participating collision repairer within the application. Once nominated, these suppliers can be up and running on a same day basis as well.

“We’re excited about transitioning into the next phase of service for our current and future customers,” said Sailer. “One of the things we’ve been pleased to see is the growing number of repairers who have achieved process improvements and are now using our system for all their parts procurement needs, not just those related to a specific insurance company.”

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