Wednesday, 07 May 2014 13:14

AutoBody-Review.com Improves Geo-Targeted SEO, Authority for Shops by Adding Articles to Profiles

Google has hinted at some upcoming changes to its algorithm in a Google Webmasters video. Google head of Webspam Matt Cutts said that they are working on some changes that will help Google better determine when a site is an authority on a topic such as auto body repair. Google continues to improve search results to allow for more accurate local rankings in the Hummingbird update, combined with upcoming algorithm changes that will determine which sites are more of an actual authority on a subject.

AutoBody-Review.com responded early with the addition of an articles feature to their customers shop profiles. Each client will receive one keyword-rich article written by in-house SEO writers that is targeted to each body shop’s local geography and included in each shop profile in a unique articles tab. From there, body shops can continue adding their own articles as they see fit.

“The geo-targeted long tail keyword is crucial to ranking a local service business such as a body shop online, and now we have increased our ability to rank our customers on a local level through our nationally-ranked website,” said director of marketing Tom Zoebelein.

“Our duty to our clients as a nationally-recognized website is to get them found in a local search by customers in their local area. After months of keyword research from our own web traffic, we discovered that we can leverage our ranking power and our SEO expertise to assist our shops on a local level with the addition of our new articles feature,” said CEO Curtis Nixon.

The AutoBody-Review.com new articles feature will function much like a mini-blog on each auto body shop profile. While most auto body shops lack the knowledge or the staff to properly blog for their shop on a local level, AutoBody-Review.com has simplified this task for them.