Monday, 03 March 2014 22:37

VeriFacts Has Added Three New Repair Categories

VeriFacts Automotive, LLC has added three new categories of repair capabilities to its Verified Quality (VQ) program. With the identification of these categories, VeriFacts aims to better match its shops with specific types of repairs needed after a crash. The three categories include:

  • Cosmetic (no structural, suspension damage or welding required)
  • Structural (all cosmetic including structural, welding, measuring required)
  • Aluminum/Composite (ability to repair and weld aluminum along with repair of composite materials)

“Virtually all modern passenger vehicles now contain highly exotic structural steels, structural aluminum, and structural composite type materials that require very specialized collision repair equipment and training to restore the structural integrity designed into them by the manufacturer,” said Audie Swedeen, director of technical field operations and training at VeriFacts. “Wouldn’t you want to know if your car has aluminum damage that the shop repairing it actually has the correct equipment and training to properly complete the repairs?”

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