Tuesday, 25 February 2014 22:48

AAA Says Right to Repair Needs to Go Further

According to AAA, the Right to Repair Agreement should help consumers with auto repair, but it does not go far enough in ensuring access to car data as vehicle technology advances.

“Most consumers want the ability to choose their preferred mechanic,” said Bob Darbelnet, president and CEO of AAA.

“While this agreement has benefits for consumers, it is not a comprehensive solution. Vehicles are changing rapidly and more must be done to guarantee consumer choice and control of vehicle data in the future.” AAA believes that automakers must help ensure the consumer rights of transparency, choice, and security as cars increasingly transmit data outside the vehicle.

AAA Consumer Rights on Car Data:

Transparency—Consumers have a right to clearly understand what information is being collected from their vehicle and how it is being used. Businesses and the government should be transparent about the collection and use of vehicle data.

Choice—Consumers have a right to decide with whom to share their data and for what purpose. This includes ongoing monitoring of vehicle systems, repair, and any data of the vehicle owner’s choice. Customers should not be forced to relinquish control as a condition of purchasing or leasing a vehicle or of receiving a connected-vehicle service.

Security—Consumers have a right to expect that connected-vehicle manufacturers and service providers will use reasonable measures to protect vehicle data systems and services against unauthorized access and misuse.