Friday, 07 February 2014 23:24

New F-150 Has Aluminum Pinchweld, Precautions

Auto Glass Techs are taking note that the new F-150 has an aluminum pinchweld and that the manufacturer uses Dow urethane. Aluminum/galvanic corrosion may be a concern when replacing the windshield on these vehicles.

Ford has done their research and knows how to bond the glass to the body without causing corrosion. The company’s paint procedures are such the coating will protect the aluminum from oxidation. What happens when repairers get the vehicle for glass replacement? What precautions must we take to protect the vehicle from premature corrosion? What products must we use to avoid dissimilar metal interaction?

Dale Malcolm from Dow says that the key to reduce galvanic corrosion is to “clean and seal the scratch as soon as possible, especially with aluminum.”

His product Betaseal™ 5504G All-In-One Primer is the company’s answer to sealing the scratch. Dale’s suggestion for the best results is to seal the scratch immediately. The longer the scratch is exposed to oxygen the more prepping the tech must do.

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