Friday, 07 February 2014 13:45

Beware Hole-in-One Golf Insurance Scams

Autobody Associations planning golf events with hole in one prizes need to watch out for potential phony insurance scams. A Connecticut man pleaded guilty in Washington state to two counts of selling insurance without a license and one count of first-degree theft after insuring golf tournament hole-in-one prizes and failing to pay.

Kevin Kolenda, 55, of Norwalk, Conn., could spend up to three months in jail when sentenced. He must also pay up to $35,000 in restitution. Kolenda started his business in 1995 under the name Golf Marketing. It went through several name changes, including Golf Marketing Worldwide, Golf Marketing Inc., Hole-in-Won.com and its current name, Hole-in-Won.com Worldwide. He has a satellite office in Rye, NY.

Kolenda has been accused several times of insurance tournaments and failing to pay hole-in-one winners in several states, including Montana, Ohio, Georgia, California, New York, Hawaii, Alabama, Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut and North Carolina.