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Friday, 07 February 2014 13:30

NHTSA Moves Ahead on Backup Camera Legislation

After several delays, the Obama administration is reviewing a revised rule that could push automakers to install backup cameras in more of their cars and trucks. The reworked regulation, submitted to the White House on Dec. 25, would set new rear visibility standards for light vehicles sold in the United States, according to a White House database that tracks the rulemaking process.

The standards are aimed at keeping children from being run over and killed by vehicles moving in reverse. Automakers might decide to install backup cameras in all of their models. The standards may also allow automakers to comply by making less costly changes, for example, by redesigning a car’s mirrors to reduce the odds that a child behind the rear bumper will go undetected.

The administration intends to release the final rule by January 2015. But that’s not soon enough to satisfy auto safety advocates. Consumers Union filed a lawsuit in September with the goal of compelling the Obama administration to make them a standard feature across the U.S. fleet.