Friday, 07 February 2014 21:14

CIC in Brief, More Next Issue

CIC chair George Avery welcomed the CIC body before inviting John Van Alstyne, president and CEO of I-CAR, to present the organization’s initiatives for the coming year (see I-CAR story this issue) Following Van Alstyne was a presentation by guest speaker Scott Sorrell, CEO of Sales Adrenaline. Sorrell discussed how to find your value as a business and how to keep reselling that value to customers. The afternoon was focused on reviewing each CIC committee—definitions, insurer/repairer relations, parts and material, data privacy, education and training, human resources, governmental, marketing, and technical—and their plans for the coming year. Notable changes to the committees included putting the definitions committee on hiatus, and the appointing of Randy Hanson, auto director at Allstate, as the new chair of the insurer/repairer relations committee. Hanson will replace Rick Tuuri. Discussion also occured on the data privacy committee on vehicle information technology.

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