Monday, 20 January 2014 21:07

Chrysler Files Suit Against LKQ/Keystone Claiming Patent Infringement on RAM Brand

Chrysler has filed a patent infringement action against LKQ and Keystone Automotive, saying the companies are producing and/or selling parts that infringe on 10 of its patented designs, specifically related to the Dodge RAM brand. Chrysler noted that LKQ's regulatory filings have the company stating that one of the risks of manufacturing aftermarket parts is patent infringement. The filing, which was made with federal court in Detroit, MI, Jan. 17, has Chrysler looking for a ban on the parts that infringe on the patents and damages “adequate to compensate Chrysler for the infringement, including the infringers’ profits, Chrysler’s lost profits, and/or no less than a reasonable royalty... Damages alone will not be a sufficient remedy under the law, and Chrysler has been and will continue to be irreparably harmed by Defendants’ infringement of the Ram Design Patents. Only a permanent injunction against Defendants will be adequate.” The suit seeks attorneys fees, a jury trial, and an award tripling the damages found at trial.
LKQ has responded (next story.)

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