Tuesday, 28 February 2006 09:00

Publication names leaders in recycling industry

Twenty-five influential members of the automotive recycling industry have been honored by Locator UpFront, a bi-monthly publication by the John Holmes Publishing Company of Whiting, Iowa. 

According to Locator Executive Vice President and CEO Charis Lloyd, "a team of Locator sales and editorial employees compiled a list of 180 recyclers who are on the cutting edge of the industry. The nominees needed to show strong leadership characteristics, industry involvement, a commitment to ethical business practices and a deep dedication to the future of automotive recycling. The list of finalists was distributed to a panel of 80 judges we viewed as experts in their respective fields, and they cast their ballots to help us determine the ultimate "25 Most Influential Recyclers."

The 25 "Most Influential" categories were Advertiser, Analyst, Boss, Business Intellect, Duo, Environmentalist, Family, Fund-Raiser, Innovator, Lawmaker, Legend, Local Hero, Man, Motivator, Networker, News Maker, One-To-Watch, Progressive, Real Estate Owner, Safety Watcher, Successor, Teacher, Up & Coming, Web Guru and Woman.

All five current executive committee members of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), five past presidents and four current committee chairmen were recognized as winners.