Thursday, 19 December 2013 21:40

PreFab Ads Announces 3 New 15 Sec Video Ads

PreFab Ads has announced on the addition of three new 15-second video advertisements that auto body shops can brand and then place on the Internet and local TV.

“Fifteen-second spots provide a great opportunity for body shop owners to take advantage of short format opportunities on both local television and on the Internet,” said PreFab owner Chuck Jessen. “The trick therefore is to hook the viewer in quickly with something visually interesting then deliver the body shop’s message.”

The new ads are listed below.

● “Cartoon-Crash: It shows vintage cartoon footage of cars crashing followed with footage of quality collision repair and the logo of the sponsoring auto body shop.
● “Demo Derby: It uses a montage of demolition derby crash shots to set up the body shop story on the back end.
● “Tug-A-Car: It an edited-down version of “Tow Trucks” shows a car being ripped into two pieces while conveying a strong anti-steering message.

All 20 PreFab Ads TV commercials can be viewed online.

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