Wednesday, 18 December 2013 23:40

LKQ Issues Aftermarket Wheel Recall, Focus is on State of Connecticut

On October 30, LKQ Corporation and Keystone Automotive Industries Inc., collectively known as LKQ-Keystone, initiated a recall on a specific aftermarket replacement aluminum wheel, part number ALY63934U20N, identified on the inside of the wheel’s casting as ALY99435U20N, likely sold between September 1, 2010 and April 30, 2013.

The recall is being conducted because of potential defects that could cause the wheel to fail and which could, in turn, lead to an accident resulting in serious injury or death.

The recalled part is a 7-spoke wheel design, containing the TWC logo, and the inside of one of the spokes will reflect part number ALY99435U20N.

LKQ-Keystone sent letters to consumers and collision repair shops that purchased this wheel to alert them to the recall. The company will replace the wheel on consumers’ vehicles at no charge, and they have also informed shops that are affected that the company will replace the part and reimburse them for the costs associated with this replacement.

Thus far, the recall only seems to have affected shops and consumers in the state of Connecticut, and Tony Ferraiolo, President of the Auto Body Association of Connecticut (ABAC), feels that dissemination of information pertaining to this hazard is “extremely important to the consumer and the shop that installed this wheel. National attention to the potential dangers of using inferior wheels is also important at this time since wheel failures such as this can result in serious injuries or death.”

Though the specific reason for the recall has not been released, ABAC is trying to determine what prompted the recall. Shops that may have installed one of these wheels should contact their customers to inform them of the recall.

Questions and concerns about the recall should be addressed with LKQ-Keystone’s Milford location at 800-330-3745. For general questions regarding this recall, please contact LKQ at 877-539-7322.

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