Thursday, 14 November 2013 01:17

3M Wins Best New Collision Repair Product at SEMA

SEMA announced the winners of the New Products Showcase Awards held at the 2013 SEMA Show. SEMA named 3M body protection system the top new collision product of 2013.

The event recognizes the most cutting-edge automotive products either on the market or about to hit the market. This year, more than 2,000 new products were submitted for consideration.

3M took home the top honors in the Collision Repair and Refinish Product category for the innovative new 3M Body Protection System.

Criteria that ranked high on the judges' selection for the New Product Showcase Awards included superiority of innovation, technical achievement, quality and workmanship, consumer appeal and marketability.

The new 3M Body Protection System is reinventing how repair technicians match textured finishes found on today’s vehicles for rock protection and sound deadening.  The innovative 3M Body Protection System helps painters spray low viscosity textured finishes with fine, medium, coarse and splattered patterns.

The technology behind the 3M Body Protection System includes the 3M Accuspray HGP Spray Gun with a pressurized inlet and 3M PPS Type H/O Mini Pressure Cup, the 3M Rocker Protector Pouch and 3M Paintable Undercoating Pouch. The 3M Rocker Protector Pouch is available in 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce sizes and the 3M Paintable Undercoating Pouch is available in 5.5-ounce size.

The 3M Body Protection System solves a major pain point for automotive professionals, and gives them a tool for greater productivity, including;

  • Ability to adjust pressures and spray pattern, allowing for better match to OEM textures.
  • Ability to cut in half application time of textured finishes to rocker panels, wheel wells and undercarriages in many cases.

The pressurized 3M Accuspray spray gun allows the product to be sprayed at any angle making it easier to reach lower rocker sections and inside wheel wheels. The painter can easily adjust the spray pattern to reduce overspray and masking. Painters can easily achieve a perfect texture match, which contributes to improved repair quality and higher CSI scores. The pouch sizes allow estimators and repair technicians to attribute exact product usage to each job, improving the job costing on estimates. The 3M Accuspray system reduces cleanup time and virtually eliminates the need for solvents.