Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:04

Arbitration Award Terminates Business Relationship between HDC and Summit Software Solutions

Houston Digital Corporation (HDC) has announced that an arbitrator awarded monetary damages and allowed termination of the agreement it had since 2001 with Frank Terlep and his company, Summit Software Solutions (SSS) that granted SSS a license to market, sell and promote HDC products and services including the Summit Collision Repair System, a shop management system. The agreement was terminated by the arbitrator as of September 19, 2013.

The arbitrator awarded HDC damages totaling over $570,000 that represent unpaid royalties owed the company and attorneys’ fees and court costs of over $257,000.

According to HDC it is fully committed to the complete Summit line of products and is in the final stages of new features and releases of the software which will be announced shortly. HDC will continue to provide ongoing support and software upgrades for the users of Summit software.

In a press release announcing the arbitrator’s decision, Kreg Jetsel, president of HDC said, “We’ve heard all the rumors being spread that we’re going out of business or the product will be discontinued. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve been in business since 1990 and we’re not going anywhere. Users of Summit Software can now expect more frequent upgrades and most of the people Summit users had been dealing with in the past will remain on board.”

The only noticeable change will be the billing company name, billing address and that our current and future customers will have more access and input in to the direction of our software,” Jetsel continued. “We regret that arbitration was filed by SSS and wanted to avoid litigation, but we were confident from the beginning that we would retain ownership of our software suite and be awarded the previously withheld monetary damages. Our expectations were confirmed when we were notified that the judgment in the arbitration was clear and overwhelmingly in our favor.”

“While we realize this may seem like a drastic event, we are completely confident that the future of Houston Digital and the Summit Brand remains increasingly bright," concluded Jetsel.

In a document explaining what to expect following the termination, HDC explained that services will continue as normal and local representatives customers have dealt with will continue to be their representatives. Contracts for the software will not automatically renew with Summit Software Solutions, Inc. and HDC will contact customers whose contracts will expire to assure uninterrupted service.

For additional information or answers to any questions concerning Houston Digital Corporation or Summit Software, call (208) 947-1738 or email kyle@summitcrs.com.

If SSS chooses to comment, ABN will of course publish their version of events.

A copy of the Arbitrator’s Rulings and Awards can be seen here: www.suteg.net/pdf/TheDecision.pdf