Wednesday, 28 August 2013 17:22

Correction on July Article on Felder’s Collision Parts v General Motors et al. was Wrong About the Lawsuit Being Dismissed

Autobody News regrets an error in our article (Federal Anticompetition Lawsuit Against GM Program Dismissed Again but Amended Complaint is Allowed) published in the July 2013 Issue which stated that:

“A federal judge in Louisiana has again dismissed an aftermarket parts retailer’s lawsuit challenging GM’s ‘Bump the Competition’ program designed to boost sales of original-equipment parts at dealerships, but he gave the plaintiff, Felder’s Collision Parts Inc., permission to amend its complaint.”

The statement that the suit was dismissed is wrong. Rather the judge denied the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss and allowed the suit to proceed. The rest of the story is correct.

The error was brought to our attention by the law firm for the Plaintiff: Sher, Garner, Cahill, Richter, Klein and Herbert LLC of New Orleans, who pointed out the error and wrote: We thank you for reporting on the lawsuit and the important issues involved in the lawsuit. We remain steadfast in our confidence in the merits of this case and look forward in continuing to assist our client in the pursuit of remedies for its damages incurred at the hands of the Defendants.

Autobody News will continue to monitor developments in the case and report in future issues.

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