Friday, 02 August 2013 17:38

Carlisle and Company Blogs on PartsTrader

Carlisle and Company is a consulting firm, not to be confused with Carlyle Group (an American-based global asset management firm active in acquiring collision MSOs, such as Service King recently), which develops market strategies that help OEMs manage risk and optimize performance.

Carlisle and Company is known for its data benchmarking, both in service and parts, designed to help member companies improve dealer service support, and service quality to vehicle owners. One of their groups, the North America Parts Benchmark (NAPB, formerly NASPC) has been analyzing the parts supply chain since 1993, so it’s interesting to read the company blog, which recently addressed the ongoing PartsTrader controversy.

Among the comments: It’s clear that State Farm isn’t just interested in an efficient online ordering platform. Otherwise, they could just mandate that their Select Service shops use any online platform for parts ordering, and do this at no cost to themselves. Instead, they’ve spent millions of dollars on a brand-new online ordering platform. Why?


Unfortunately, even if OEMs and IRFs band together and manage to kill State Farm’s PartsTrader, Nationwide or GEICO will almost certainly come out with a similar program. The business case is far too compelling and the stakes far too high for insurance carriers to leave parts cost in the hands of the parts supplier, the shop and the claims adjuster.

Read the full Carlisle blog HERE (www.carlisle-co.com)