Monday, 15 July 2013 11:30

American Honda Launches Mobile-Optimized Airbag Website

American Honda Motor Co, Inc. announced that “AirbagAware.Honda.com,” a consumer-oriented website, is now optimized for viewing via smart-phone or tablet. The site can be accessed by typing the URL into the phone or tablet’s web browser.

Originally launched in December, 2012, the site is designed to increase awareness among consumers about the growing problem of counterfeit airbags. Included on the site is the original October 2012 NHTSA Counterfeit Air Bag Consumer Alert, a dramatic video showing the deployment of several counterfeit airbags versus Honda Genuine airbags, and more.

AirbagAware.Honda.com functions as a free-standing site, but is connected to an existing American Honda website, Collision.Honda.com.

Steve Osborne, Assistant Vice President for American Honda Brand Protection said, “Counterfeit airbags are a serious threat to Honda owners, and the driving public. It’s hard to tell if a deployed airbag, and related components, have been replaced with Honda Genuine parts, or something else. We want people to be aware of the issues, and ask the right questions about their car’s repair.”

To promote the website and increase consumer awareness, Consumer Information Kits are available to shops free of charge by calling 440-572-7266 and order item #CPHABK12.
To access the site, go to AirbagAware.Honda.com