Wednesday, 05 June 2013 18:26

Case Dismissed Against Shop Owner for Vandalizing

A vandalism case against a Warwick, RI, body shop owner accused of damaging cars at a dealership has been dismissed.

Stevie D’s, a car dealership in Warwick, has had dozens of cars vandalized over the years. The dealership’s owner, Steven Davis, set up surveillance cameras to try to catch the vandals responsible.

The video captured a man on camera apparently keying cars. Davis said he quickly recognized the man as Tony Lombardi, owner of Airport Body Shop, where Davis sends cars to get repaired.

According to police, the surveillance video shows Lombardi hanging out at the dealership. In the video, he gets out of his car, looks in the store, and then walks along two cars, dragging his key along the way.
Court records show the case against Lombardi was dismissed on May 13, according to local media reports.

When asked why the charges were dropped, Kerry Rafanelli, a prosecutor for the city of Warwick, told Eyewitness News there were several problems with the surveillance video.