Thursday, 30 May 2013 16:33

PartsTrader to eliminate the Fax-Only parts ordering option in state rollout

PartsTrader will eliminate the Fax-Only parts ordering option it provides to wholesale parts outlets when it rolls out its national program next year. Currently four states, AZ, TX, NM, and CO, are in the rollout plan according to https://www.partstrader.us.com/what-is-partstrader/faqs/where-is-partstrader-currently-available/.

The Fax-Only option allowed Select Service facilities to continue ordering parts from their traditional vendors, even if those vendors had refused to use the PartsTrader system. If a shop's local vendor chose not to engage in the online quoting system, PartsTrader would simply send a fax to that vendor requesting the parts needed by the shop.

With the national roll-out, that feature will no longer be available and shops will have two choices: encourage their preferred suppliers to sign up for, and use, the PartsTrader application, or, find a new parts supplier.

Repairers have said they are concerned this will force them to use different vendors.

PartsTrader has indicated that the elimination of the fax-only option extends the efficiency of the process and suggests that repairers encourage suppliers to use their online quoting system.

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