Tuesday, 31 October 2006 17:00

Online parts order fulfillment for Ford and GM

OEConnection LLC, a leader in ecommerce parts exchange and analysis solutions for the automotive original equipment replacement parts business, recently inked a marketing partnership with Ford Motor Company and General Motors for the national deployment of CollisionLink, OEConnection's technology for the fast, accurate online fulfillment of original equipment replacement parts to collision shops. 

GM and Ford now recommend CollisionLink to their wholesale dealers in recognition of this online technology being a significant advance towards improving efficiency and quality for the collision repair industry. This implementation establishes a national base of wholesale dealers processingonline collision parts orders.

With CollisionLink, dealership whole-salers can transform their order processing experience using online automation accuracy to help eliminate parts returns. CollisionLink electronically sends shop parts orders to dealerships.

Parts departments eliminate non-productive, order-taking phone time and process parts orders faster and accurately using CollisionLink's automatic part validation and instant VIN-based error-checking. For collision repairers, CollisionLink's more accurate parts order system helps speed-up vehicle cycle time, reduce supplemental ordering, eliminate returns, and enhance overall supplier relationships and order response time.

OEConnection President and CEO Chuck Rotuno, said, "Ford and GM's support of CollisionLink to their wholesale dealers validates the importance and value of online parts ordering and streamlining this historically cumbersome business process. CollisionLink is helping these OEMs provide their dealers with tools to better service collision repairers and insurance companies, and, simultaneously, provide a technological competitive edge."

GM and Ford launched CollisionLink to their network of larger wholesale dealers through an aggressive schedule of nationwide regional meetings and dealer visits beginning May 2006. At these sessions, wholesalers received hands-on demonstration and use of CollisionLink in an effort to spur rapid national adoption.

See www.collisionlink.com for more information.


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