Thursday, 14 March 2013 20:02

Collision Billing Adds Desk Review Services to Client Offerings

Collision Billing LLC assists collision repairers in obtaining full payment from insurers reimbursing on behalf of consumers for their billed repair activities and has now introduced desk review services.

The desk review service will allow body shops to send their completed jobs to Collision Billing for review to make sure they have included the necessary operations based on the repairs being done. Collision Billing Services (CBS) utilizes its claims database, which is comprised of information submitted by its subscribers that documents what was paid or not paid on each job, including labor rates, included and not included operations, and manual entries. CBS also uses its comprehensive knowledge of the databases to scrub the estimates to ensure proper profitability.

“Body shops are in the business to repair cars; they don’t want to have to be a database expert as well," said CBS President Chuck Gosney. "They need someone to review their blueprint for repair to make sure they have listed out all the items that they are doing on the job. Many times, they will do the task but forget to include it on the estimate. That’s what we are here for: to help them write a complete sheet.” 

Collision Billing is headquartered in Jackson, MI, and can be reached at http://collisionbilling.com, or 517-489-4280.

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