Wednesday, 20 February 2013 18:47

Utah Auto Body Association Gets Off to a Great Start

The Utah Auto Body Association held its first formal meeting January 12 at the ASET warehouse in Salt Lake City. In spite of a blinding snow storm, over 100 people showed up for this inaugural event.

The Utah Auto Body Association was formed by a small group of shop owners  and vendors recognizing the need for a united industry to meet the ever growing barrage of  industry challenges. Before the association was formed, two informal meetings were held to get feedback and support from the Utah industry.  Both well attended meetings, standing room only, brought vigorous and positive discussion and the decision was made to move forward with a state association.

The Utah Auto Body Association is now managed by an interim Board of Directors. Bob Torrey (recently retired from Ken Garff Collision Centers) currently chairs the Board consisting of  Cory Stanger, Alpine Auto Body, Jeff Miller, Miller Auto Body, Stan Ware, Dave’s Body Shop, Brian Nichols, Cascade Collision Centers, and Alex Ware of Dave’s Body Shop  who is currently Treasurer.   This hardworking and dedicated group is building the infrastructure of the association and developing the working agenda for the coming year and the future. They are listening to the Utah repair industry. A questionnaire was handed out at the January meeting, asking attendees what issues are most important to them. Committees will focus on education, membership, legislative affairs, and EPA regulations.  The UABA will have bi-annual statewide meetings and six smaller member meetings a year. The smaller meetings will be more ‘work sessions’ where committees will be developed and offer opportunities for industry people to work together to make a difference.
The second meeting of the UABA will be held in St. George, UT, February 28.

“Most of the Board will be traveling to St. George for this meeting on the 28th of February,” said Torrey, “The UABA is a statewide organization and we feel it is important to try to reach as many shops as we can.”
The Utah Auto Body Association is proud to be the 40th State Affiliate of the Society of the Collision Repair Specialists.

“That was the first thing we did,” said board member Stanger. “We saw tremendous benefit from being affiliated with SCRS and the national collision industry.”

SCRS Executive Director, Aaron Schulenburg, was guest speaker at the UABA event, delivering a rousing industry presentation congratulating Utah on the success of a great start to this new association.

“I’m so impressed with the passion, motivation and willingness to ‘roll up the sleeves’ by the Utah group right now,” said Schulenburg. “These are industry professionals who are actively looking to make a difference. I think what is most impressive is that it really seems to permeate the whole group, not just the board and the executive officers. Here we had a meeting that happened to be distracted by a blizzard and they still had nearly 100 attendees show up. The drive and determination is impressive and I think will bring the state great results moving forward. There are a lot of passionate and bright individuals involved, and I’m excited to watch their momentum.” Schulenburg’s thoughtful message was well received. He shared   industry issues, such as insurance mandated parts procurement and the national discussion on industry standards.  He explained the tools and resources developed and offered from SCRS, always stressing the value of belonging and participating in an association.

The UABA Board is rolling up its sleeves, literally, for the Utah Collision Industry.

Chairman Torrey cooked a fabulous feast for this January meeting and the rest of the Board were the servers and kitchen help. There was no charge to attendees. The meeting was held  on the warehouse floor, amidst award winning  air brush automotive art at the ASET facility owned by Bill Williams, a strong industry supporter.  Torrey cooked the food and the entire Board made it happen.

It re-defines the meaning of association and working together.


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