Wednesday, 20 February 2013 18:44

25 Years & Still Sticking Around: American PG27 Masking Tape

If you’re a painter or a prepper, there’s a very good chance that at one point you’ve used American® brand PG27 tape from Intertape Polymer Group® (IPG®). Universally known as a reliable, high-performance masking tape, PG27, also known as Premium Grade, is now 25 years old and has plans to stick around for at least another quarter of a century.

Known for its cornering, high flexibility, increased elongation and extreme conformability, American® brand PG27 tape has been a painter’s valued friend since 1988, according to Mike McCalden, a senior product manager at IPG®. The man knows his tape inside and out after spending 35 years in the industry.

IPG® is celebrating the tape’s anniversary by pulling out all the stops as they celebrate its role in the collision industry and its important impact on the painting of literally millions of cars over the years.

To commemorate American® brand PG27’s masking tape, IPG® is inserting silver tickets into some cores of their rolls of PG27 masking tape—Willy Wonka® style. But in this case, you won’t win a tour of a chocolate factory, but rather a 4-day/3-night trip to SEMA 2013 or an American Express® gift card containing $100 to $500, according to McCalden.

“This promotion will run from now until September 15, 2013, and we’ve dedicated some significant marketing funds to this endeavor,” he said. “The grand prize trips to SEMA in Las Vegas will be a great trip for three lucky winners. People can scan a QR code on our ad in Autobody News to find out more details about the promotion and we’ll be keeping everyone in the loop as we announce new exciting offers.”

How many rolls of PG27 have been sold over the years? If you figure a busy body shop fixes 200 cars per month, then that means they likely use an average of 20,000 rolls of masking tape annually, equaling roughly $30,000 per year—just on tape! So, when a collision repair business is looking for a masking tape, they obviously desire one that is affordable, reliable and versatile. American® brand PG27 has proven itself again and again and that’s why it’s still one of the industry’s go-to products for painters worldwide.

“Body shops rely on PG27 for a lot of reasons,” McCalden explained. “With its fine crepe backing, it ensures nice clean breaklines. It lays down flatter and always provides a sharp paint edge and handles cornering brilliantly. It took us three years to develop it back in the late 1980’s, and it’s been a success story ever since. Through intensive research and testing, our engineers were able to use advanced adhesive breakthroughs to come up with a tape that has lasted the time and performed at a high level time and again.”

When any product survives and flourishes in this tough collision industry, you know it’s a proven performer and that’s why IPG® is so proud of American® brand PG27, a tape that stuck around for 25 years and is looking forward to a very bright future.