Wednesday, 23 January 2013 19:26

PartsTrader Releases Supplier Feedback Results

PartsTrader contracted with CSi Complete, an independent research organization, to survey participating parts suppliers within its first four pilot markets. PartsTrader says 67% of parts suppliers gave high marks to the functionality of the PartsTrader product.  Over half (53%) of the suppliers indicated a score of 7 or above regarding their overall satisfaction with PartsTrader - on a scale of 0 (Poor) and 10 (Excellent). When asked specifically about their overall opinion of PartsTrader as a procurement tool, 67% responded with a score of 7 or higher.

PartsTrader said a 93% satisfaction score was given to the efforts of PartsTrader employees. During early internal surveys of repairers and suppliers, the performance of PartsTrader staff had been identified as an area needing improvement.

The survey also identified some areas where improvements should be addressed. PartsTrader will continue to work with industry stakeholders both within and outside of their Advisory Council to make service and product improvements as needed.

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