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DuPont Launches GM-Sponsored Parts Rebate Program

On Jan. 1, DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) launched their newest program, a parts rebate program sponsored by General Motors. This program, available to DPC’s network of collision repair shops, rewards registered shops with a rebate whenever they choose 100% Genuine GM Parts for selected repairs through CollisionLink. DPC’s new GM Sponsored Parts Rebate program offers Independent Repair facilities the opportunity to receive a 5% cash rebate from GM when the program’s criteria is met.

“There has been a tremendous response from the market since the program was formally announced at the beginning of this month. We are constantly striving to bring added value to our customers in the automotive collision repair industry and are confident this program will be popular,” said Gary S. Scott, OEM Accounts Manager, Collision Services at DPC.

DPC’s new rebate program is already popular with its current participants. Kim MacManus, owner of Glidden Auto Body in Bangor, ME, notes that registration was extremely easy since she was already registered with CollisionLink. Furthermore, the rebate “lowers our cost, allowing us to put that money back towards the cost of the part…it’s free money you’re getting back!”

Scott Gudmunson, shop manager of Lehman Garage in MN, does not feel that there are any drawbacks to the program, but he finds getting money back to be a great benefit of participation.

Don Murphy, owner of The Wreck Room in Villa Park, IL, points out “we’re buying the parts anyway; this is just a direct rebate so it’s like getting free money, plus it is all done automatically so there is no need for additional bookkeeping.”

The 5% rebate, minus a 1.25% administrative fee which results in a 3.75% net rebate, will be electronically transferred to the shop’s designated account on a quarterly schedule. Unlike other programs, shops do not have to apply for their automated rebate after registering for DPC’s rebate program. No additional forms or steps are required in order to obtain the rebate.

In order to participate in this program, shops can sign up at www.performancegateway.com/partsrebate using their existing login for either the DuPont Performance Alliance or Performance Claims websites.

Following onscreen instructions, shops will complete their general and GM Parts Rebate Program profiles, and they will also complete an ACH form and W9 which will be faxed to 608-210-8040, authorizing their rebates to be electronically deposited in the indicated account.

Shops may enroll at any time throughout 2013; however, shops may only participate in one GM sponsored rebate program annually, so shops already participating in another, similar program may only change their program administration during the month of January 2013.

Beginning February 1, 2013, DPC’s rebate program is only available to shops who aren’t currently participating in a similar program through another vendor. Upon registration, it will be validated that shops are not actively engaged in another program, and shops will be notified if they are ineligible. Similarly, they will be informed when they become an active member of the GM Parts Rebate Program.

After a shop has completed program registration, their estimate must meet GM requirements for GM replacement parts, and the shop will receive verification that their estimate meets the necessary criteria after transmitting the estimate through CollisionLink. Shops must transmit their parts order to their selected dealer through CollisionLink in order to receive the rebate. Estimates that qualify will be tracked, and shops will receive a monthly report. Qualified parts consist of parts ordered for vehicles with model years of two or more years, and rebates do not apply to part orders on current model year vehicles; parts must be new, genuine GM OE parts supplied by a licensed dealer in order to qualify for the rebate. A list of the parts eligible for the program are defined by GM.

Beyond the obvious monetary incentive, DPC’s rebate program offers additional benefits to participants.  The automated rebate deposit allows shop to receive the rebate without increasing their workload. Also, the shop’s customers can receive a Certificate of Authenticity for their Genuine GM OEM replacement parts which aids shops’ credibility and increases the integrity of repairs. The program can also assist in reducing cycle time which will lead to higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Since rebates are processed through Gates Business Solutions and paid directly from GM, there is no need for a shop to change their existing ordering dealership. Shops will begin receiving rebates automatically on a quarterly basis after registration. Shops are unable to add additional parts to a transaction order after the CollisionLink software has extracted the order for processing.

If a transaction contains non-OE parts designated as exceptions by GM, the transaction can still be submitted and may qualify for a rebate if all other requirements are met. If a shop feels that specific parts should be classified as an exception, they should identify the line item containing the part believed to be an exception and submit it through CollisionLink for review. The transaction will be held pending review of the possible exception; if approved, the transaction may proceed, but if it is rejected, the corresponding transaction will also be rejected. Approved exceptions are added to the database for automatic processing of future transactions containing the approved exceptions.

For shops that also participate in GM-sponsored price-matching programs, the price-matched parts must be identified. These may or may not disqualify the transaction, depending on the manufacturer. Discounted parts do not qualify for rebates, but including parts that are eligible for price-matching will not disqualify a transaction if parts are purchased at the shop’s normal discount level.

To register for DPC’s rebate program or to obtain more information about the program, please visit:

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