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CIF's Disaster Relief Goes Live After Hurricane Sandy




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CIF's Disaster Relief Goes Live After Hurricane Sandy


November 20, 2012 - Mechanicsville, Virginia- The Collision Industry Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund is best known for its heroic works after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as "Collision Industry Relief". Since then, the fund has been active intermittently to support industry people affected by national disasters. Hurricane Sandy is just such a disaster. With Thanksgiving upon us, we are reminded that there are others who really need help.


There are three main areas that anyone can help: Victim Location/Assistance, Volunteer Committee, Donations

"Sometimes finding the victims of disaster is the hardest part of the job," commented CIF Administrator Jordan Hendler. "We have to find those in need and those in the area are the best ones for the job. The disaster fund can help with immediate necessities, or tool replacement for technicians. Many technicians' tools aren't covered by the shop insurance. Often, they cannot go back to work to earn a wage without our help."

People are needed to assist the efforts by participating on the Volunteer Committee. This committee is responsible for locating, assessing and assisting the victims. They also organize corporate donations and participation, as well as reviewing purchases. Any area in which someone would like to volunteer is valued.

Donations are the main driver behind how many people the fund is able to help. CIF President Bill Shaw states, "The donors are crucial as to how far our reach is. Donations of items that will help the victims, such as gift cards for groceries or tools for replacement are always needed. Money is the easiest way for us to purchase specific items for the victims, but any and all help is appreciated."

When Collision Industry Relief receives requests for aid through the website, the candidates are fully scrutinized to determine their credibility and the extent of the requestor's need. A staff of dedicated relief specialists expedites this process.

For information on how to donate or volunteer, please visit the website at: http://www.collisionindustryfoundation.org or send checks to Collision Industry Foundation - Disaster Relief Effort, PO Box 3007, Mechanicsville, VA 23116. Questions can be answered at (804) 427-6982. All donations made are tax-deductible.

About CIF: The Collision Industry Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation dedicated to raising, managing and donating funds while fulfilling the philanthropic goals and needs of the collision industry and the communities they serve. The foundation was established in 2001 to allow for tax-deductible contributions for industry projects such as Leave Something Behind and Crash Hunger. More information is available at http://www.collisionindustryfoundation.org
P.O. Box 3007, Mechanicsville, VA 23116
Phone: (804) 427-6982
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