Tuesday, 13 November 2012 16:53

NABC Launches $1.5 Million Fundraising Effort for Wounded Troups in San Antonio

Kick-Off Event on November 15 to Showcase Operation Comfort’s AutoMotivation Program

The National Auto Body Council (NABC) issued an invitation for its industry partners to attend a special Open House on November 15 in San Antonio to officially launch a NABC-sponsored $1.5 million fundraising effort for Operation Comfort’s AutoMotivation program. 

According to Chuck Sulkala, Executive Director of the NABC, a number of industry partners have already stepped forward with a commitment for this project to provide an accredited I-CAR curriculum-based training to disabled military veterans.  The project includes the purchase and renovation of a 30,000-sq. ft. facility in San Antonio to house and equip the AutoMotivation program.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Operation Comfort complements the rehabilitation efforts by the U.S. Army at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC). The AutoMotivation program serves as occupational therapy for disabled veterans through automotive-related activities. The NABC-sponsored efforts take this to the next level by providing a facility in which accredited training and guidance is available for veterans who wish to find a new career path. 

“These veterans have given more of themselves for their country than most of us can ever imagine,”  said Sulkala. “Imagine the great sense of accomplishment these veterans will receive from working on vehicles, learning a marketable skill and gaining employment while also being able to help someone else in need.”   

NABC will showcase Operation Comfort’s AutoMotivation project in San Antonio at its special Open House kick-off event on Thursday, November 15th at 1:00 p.m. at 2000 S Pressa. Sulkala urged industry leaders to support the effort and make plans to attend the event in San Antonio. 

As part of the Open House, a special Recycled Rides vehicle, donated by USAA and refurbished by Caliber Collision, will be presented to a volunteer at Operation Comfort who himself is a wounded soldier.

“This is an incredible worthwhile opportunity to thank veterans who have given so much to us,” Sulkala said.  “I absolutely guarantee your Thanksgiving will be much more meaningful once you personally witness the impact of this program on the selfless veterans who have sacrificed for our country.  I am honored to be a part of this great industry-wide effort.” 

For more information on the NABC’s Operation Comfort/AutoMotivation kick-off Open House, contact Mike McManus 888-667-7433 x 119 or Mary Annen 888-667-7433 x 125.

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