Tuesday, 06 November 2012 00:15

Mark’s Body Shop Releases New Video on Car-O-Liner

Mark’s Body Shop of Baltimore, MD, an Auto Damage Experts coaching/consulting client, released a new informational video in their ongoing efforts to help inform and educate consumers. http://www.marksbodyshop.com/car-accident-repairs-auto-collision-specialists

Mark Schaech, owner and President of Mark’s Body Shop’s said, “Through our relationship with Auto Damage Experts, we have learned the importance of continually edifying consumers within our marketplace and beyond to enable them a better understanding of the benefits of proper and thorough repairs and to help prepare them to make informed decisions before the need arises. Most consumers are just not prepared to make the important decisions on matters that often affect their personal safety and economic welfare when it comes to the repair of the damaged vehicle. They oftentimes rely upon the advice of others, whose interest may not be in the overall best interest of the consumer.”


Schaech continued, “With the continued assistance of Lee Emmons of Absolute Perfection Tinting & Graphics, we are putting together a series of videos on the various aspects of collision repair and issues consumers should be aware of." Mark’s prior video showed a post repair inspection of a poorly performed repair. "Such aspects will be the necessary equipment, quality parts, materials, training and knowledge which are required to perform a repair that will restore a vehicle’s original safety, performance, appearance and value to the best of human ability. A level of repair that unfortunately fewer consumers are receiving today. We want to help consumers to understand it is their property and it is their choice of repairer and help them to make the right choices.”

“It’s interesting that upon release of the video, we were contacted by Car-O-Liner corporate and they asked if they could show our Car-O-Liner video during the recent NACE and SEMA expositions and their training seminars. We were very gratified in this request and of course authorized their use of the video. We have heard many positive comments since their showing it,” Schaech said.


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