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How to Increase Your Sales With Proven Creative and Metrics

Lythos Studios created a highly successful marketing campaign for Baugh Auto Body in Richmond, VA, beginning in 2010. The next two and half years generated over 85% growth in sales by using a clever campaign with feminine overtones but placed in highly watched venues on television, radio, digital banners, and some print.

Would you like an ROI of 800% or more?

This campaign was so successful, Lythos Studios has spun off a new division called 1066, LLC that is a company whose sole mission is expanding this successful template. Lythos Studios is an advertising agency born in 1998 that has clients who have doubled in size in just under two or three years through effective creative and analytical processes. As effective as the auto body campaigned proved to be, it was only logical to market outside of the Richmond Virginia market.

“We are not reinventing the wheel, just fine tuning a successful marketing campaign that has proven results.”

The campaign has run on various media including cable, broadcast, radio, highly targeted websites, and some print venues such as neighborhood newsletters within a narrow radius of the store front.

The point of the template is not having to recreate the wheel because the results of the campaign have been so extremely effective. Although we can’t guarantee the exact same results with every body shop, we can prove this venue works with our Google analytics data and we can provide references from Baugh Auto Body to back our claims.

Each auto body shop participating in this program will have the creative with its logo and name copy righted for protection from anyone else attempting to create a similar campaign. Copyright will be provided by the US copyright office and the legal work is included in the fees.

“This work is similar to getting a national campaign with a local budget.”

Body shops, like any other business, should devote approximately five percent of their gross sales to marketing. Lythos Studios works with many clients using this formula and when used properly, the success becomes anticipated in a very short time period of three to six months. Baugh Auto Body has become one of the largest auto body shops in Virginia and along with its marketing, it sports a stellar reputation for being the best body shop in town. Fantastic marketing can’t keep the engine running if the product isn’t just as great as the packaging.

Lythos Studios works with each client to analyze and evaluate their existing database of clients. We determine who the target audience is and where the target audience is derived; how to get to that audience effectively and efficiently; then create a marketing plan with a budget that can be sustained. In this instance the creative package has already been created with only the addition of the company logo and name needing insertion into the template.

We will work within a 150 mile radius so there is no overlap of body shops within a competitive environment. The template works very similarly to that of Marks and Harrison, attorney’s at law using the voice and face of the actor Robert Vaughn.

The reasoning is simple. When you have created a perfect advertising and marketing venue, there is no need to change it. After all, being the body shop at the top of mind when anyone has an accident is the key to a successful marketing plan.

Autobody News has a large audience of body shops in the United States and we have decided to target each region of the country specifically so that we control how fast we grow with new clients and prevent any overlap of the creative in the broadcast markets.

The team at Lythos Studios is comprised of Clay Hamner, Gratton Stephens, Darrell Cahoon, Kenny Sink and many others.

Kenny Sink, formerly of the Martin Agency in Richmond Virginia was part of the creative team for Nissan’s Zoom Zoom campaign. Stephens was the president and owner of Cherry Heart in Nashville, Tennesee where he managed many country music artists and their music businesses. Cahoon is an award winning graphic designer and has been featured in publications such as Communication Arts, US Ad Review and has been critically acclaimed at the Richmond Show. Hamner is the grandson of the artist who drew Mr. Peanut in the 1920’s and has worked in a family advertising business most of his life except for a few years as an analytical chemist in northern Virginia.

This team has created a unique product with limited competition and huge monetary results. It is our hope and expectation that we can make any body shop as successful as Baugh Auto Body.

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