Wednesday, 26 September 2012 16:27

NASTF General Meeting

No registration is necessary but seating is limited. This session is free to all ASRW attendees.

NASTF is the table at which independent technicians and OEM service operations speak. Join the conversation.

  • Does ethanol ruin engine performance? Does ethanol cause service/repair issues? Automakers will be using technologies like EBDI (extreme boost direct injection) engines to help meet mandated CAFÉ 54.5 mpg standards.
  • Why are so many vehicle security professionals getting into the NASTF LSID Registry? Could it be the Mercedes theft-related parts?
  • The NASTF Service Information Committee is gearing up for new frontiers in 2013. You can help.
  • The NASTF Equipment/Tool Committee has some new information for you on OEM tools.
  • Aftermarket parts suppliers are sending their number one representative to give you their perspective on the future.

Join the conversation.

  • The NASTF website is host to thousands of pages of helpful resources and the NASTF Communications Committee is working to improve navigation. What would you like to fix?
  • If collision techs are from Neptune and service techs are from Jupiter, the NASTF Collision Committee is the far-out blue planet closing gaps with OEMs in collision repairs.
  • Would independent techs gain from OEM education? Would OEMs enhance customer satisfaction if independent techs had access to OEM education? Join this conversation in the NASTF Education Committee.
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