Monday, 09 July 2012 23:29

Colorado Springs Body Shop to Support Clean Waterways

Black & White Auto and Paint, a leading Colorado Springs' auto body shop, announced its participation in the City of Colorado Springs' Adopt-A-Waterway Program. The program focuses on keeping the city's waterways clean by encouraging local businesses and organizations to formally sponsor a stream or river to protect and improve riparian habitat and water quality.

When asked why his shop employees, who normally stick to paintless dent repair and other various car services, decided to sign up for the program, owner Rick Lujan commented, "We heard that with all the recent fires in Colorado that the quality of our drinking water was going to be low due to all the erosion settling into the streams and rivers. We kind of decided as a group that the least we can do for the community is to help the waterways out as much as we can by cleaning one up a few times a year."

In order to qualify for the program, each business must have a minimum of six people, with at least one adult of over 21 years of age. In addition, the adopted waterway must be at least a quarter mile to half mile stretch of creek or stream. Larger areas are also open for adoption, but must be approved by the Colorado Springs storm water staff.

Black and White Auto will then balance its normal regimen of auto body with at least two days a year of cleaning their adopted waterway. The city will provide the auto body staff with trash bags and equipment in order to help support Black & White Auto and Paint's goal of keeping their adopted waterway clean.

Lujan continues, "After all, this community has been great to our business for decades. We want to show them that we are good for more than just auto repairs." He chuckled, "We want to give back."

The shop, which normally provides services such as paintless dent repair and body work, will adopt its waterway for at least two years, with the option to renew when the allotted time has passed. Black & White Auto and Paint will receive recognition for their work by having signage provided by the city by the businesses' adopted waterway.

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