Tuesday, 03 July 2012 16:10

Collision Warning System Gets Thumbs up with Consumers, But They Want it Cheap

Last fall, the Department of Transportation and eight automakers began a study to assess drivers' acceptance of accident-avoidance technologies. The study, called the Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Program put people on closed roads in cars that were equipped with the technologies and asked what did they think about it.

Out of the 688 participants in the study, 92% wanted the technology in their vehicles and more than 90% believed it would improve the safety of driving in the real-world. These numbers covered most age ranges.

But there is a catch. A majority of drivers said they wouldn't pay a modest amount for the technology. When asked if they would pay “more than $250” for a suite of accident-avoidance tech, all of the participants say that was too high.

The study isn't finished yet - the next phase involves 3,000 test cars trying out the features on open roads in Ann Arbor, Michigan starting this fall.

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