Monday, 14 May 2012 15:27

AIM Autosport FXDD Racing With Ferrari Claims Second Victory in a Row

AIM Autosport FXDD Racing With Ferrari placed first on May 13 at New Jersey Motorsports Park, securing two victories in a row for the Canadian team. The team has retained their first place lead in the Grand AM Rolex Sports Car Series GT Team and Driver Championship Standings with an outstanding eight points.

The team's racers, Jeff Segal and Emil Assentato say they couldn't be more pleased with their win.

"All throughout the week, the AIM Autosport crew did a great job calming me down and focusing on the long run… and that's exactly what we needed today," said Segal. "We made it up under breaking, we made it up in the tight fit and we made it up over in the long run. It was a really, really tough race but we're very, very happy to have this momentum and two in a row is fantastic."

Segal made a couple of swift moves in the last half hour of the race. At 28 minutes remaining, Segal took the inside of the track, moving to second place and passing number 57, Robin Liddell. Segal took the inside of the track again at 12 minutes left, taking the lead from Dane Cameron.

At yesterday's practice, Segal turned the quickest GT lap at 1:22:568 (98.101 mph) in the No. 69 FXDD Ferrari 458 securing the ninth spot on the starting grid for the race.

A number of set up variations were used in practice to find for both drivers, a point of perfect power, balance and handling.

Regardless, Segal said there can never be too much preparation for races at New Jersey tracks.

"One thing I learned from the past few years at the New Jersey races, there's always something that catches you by surprise, whether it's rain or heat," said Segal. "The race never seems to be straightforward there. You can test all you want, but I don't think you can ever be fully prepared for this race."

AIM Autosport is the only Canadian-owned team racing full time in the Rolex Series. The next race for the series will take place June 2nd at Belle Isle Park, Detroit, MI.