Monday, 30 April 2012 14:58

Bill (S1460)

In response to a bill (S 1460) introduced in California in late February and regulations among 28 states addressing aftermarket part warranty in disclosure statements, Diamond Standard Parts says its Limited Lifetime Warranty from the Diamond Standard Brand and its associated manufacturers group, Reflexxion Automotive and Production Bumper Stampings clearly exceeds the service parts warranty on OEM structural bumper components, stepbumper assemblies and face plates, and replacement hoods. The company says the warranty on all of its new parts exceeds the warranty offered by the OEMs, who typically offer coverage for 12 months or 12,000 miles from the date of installation or purchase.

According to Diamond Standard, state regulations regarding aftermarket or crash parts warranty are typically general and require insurer or collision center disclosure statements such as: "must disclose estimate is based on use of body parts not manufactured by the original car manufacturer and that warranty applicable to the parts is provided by the manufacturer." One state, for example, goes a step further and requires that "a copy of the part warranty will be provided with the estimate."

Diamond Standard has published aftermarket parts regulations for all 50 states on its website, diamondstandardparts.com under the Certification banner.

The company says that issuing its Limited Lifetime Warranty as the manufacturer addresses the need of the collision center, insurer or distributor to provide a statement of warranty from the manufacturer and meets the state regulations with total transparency on parts used and the manufacturer of those parts.

The California legislation on aftermarket warranty proposes "requiring distributors of non-OEM parts to offer a warranty on the parts equal to that of OEM." Here, Diamond Standard raises a question to the industry. "For Diamond Standard parts to meet the OEM warranty of 12 months/12,000 miles would require the brand to reduce the term of its warranty," said Michael J. O'Neal, President of Diamond Standard. "Would the industry and consumer be best served by requiring OEMs to warrant their service parts as meeting or exceeding the Limited Lifetime Warranty of the highest quality manufacturers and distributors of the aftermarket," he added.

Diamond Standard says its Limited Lifetime Warranty is a pivotal piece of the Brand's initiative to stand behind its parts and made possible by the company's "One Quality" approach to manufacturing all of its parts.

A copy of the Limited Lifetime Warranty can be downloaded from the Diamond Standard website www.diamondstandardparts.com or by contacting Geoff Crane, Director of Industry Relations at geoff@diamondstandardparts.com.