Tuesday, 03 April 2012 17:53

MA AASP Joins Right to Repair Coalition

The Massachusetts Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) announced that it has officially joined the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition. AASP is a large coalition of full-service, high-tech mechanical repair shops and auto collision repair shops that reach into every corner of the state.

“Many of the finest auto repair companies in Massachusetts call AASP their trade association,” said Art Kinsman, spokesman for the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition. “So we are excited to welcome AASP to the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition.”

The Right to Repair legislation and the Right to Repair initiative petition for a ballot question would establish a level playing field where independent repair shops can compete fairly with their franchised dealer counterparts. Car manufacturers would simply be required to sell all dealer-quality repair and diagnostic information to independent repair shops.

AASP’s mantra has always been ‘education matters’, and as such, they have long been a great resource for automotive information and knowledge. AASP’s endorsement of Right to Repair is important because it highlights that today’s automotive technicians can serve consumers best with a combination of extensive training and proper access to all repair and diagnostic information necessary to repair today’s sophisticated vehicles.

AASP joins such other associations such as the New England Tire and Service Association, American Car Care Centers, the Service Station Dealers of America, the Automotive Recyclers of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Locksmiths Association, Midas, Meineke, the MassachusettsMotorcycle Association, Valvoline, Bridgestone-Firestone in supporting Right to Repair legislation in Massachusetts. Right to Repair is also supported by consumer advocates such as AAA and the Consumer League for Economic Auto Repair (CLEAR) and the American Military Society who advocates for the economic well-being of soldier’s families at home.

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