Thursday, 22 March 2012 16:13

Montana Collision Repair Specialists’ Legislative Record

The Montana Collision Repair Specialists is an active association that is experiencing growth in membership this year. The association’s spring meeting is in Great Falls in April. Guest speakers will be Steve Bullock, Montana Attorney General, who recently announced his candidacy for Governor, and Jesse Laslovich, Chief Counsel for the Montana Securities and Insurance Division, who has announced his candidacy for Montana Attorney General.

This association has a strong legislative history. Their most recent legislative victory was in 2010 when a bill was passed that ‘prohibits insurers from disregarding a cost item identified by an estimating system.’

In October of 2011, Montana State Auditor, (Insurance Commissioner), sent an Advisory Memorandum to all Property and Casualty Insurers doing business in the State of Montana, advising them of the law and stating possible fines.

MCRS Past President, Max Yates, owner of Yates Body Shop in Butte, Montana has served region, HD 74, as State Representative for the last two years. Representative Yates has also announced his candidacy to continue his seat in the State Legislature in 2012/13. For a state as large as Montana, this association stays very connected through telephone calls and email and jobber support. Fall and Spring Meetings are well attended, hosting at least 80 people. Many shop owners will drive 7-8 hours to attend a meeting. Membership is almost at 100 shops out of about 225 in the state. Not bad for a state that has more cows than people!

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