Wednesday, 25 January 2012 21:52

Columnist Mike Causey Announces Candidacy for Commissioner of Insurance Position in North Carolina

Mike Causey, a sometime Autobody News columnist, announced his candidacy for North Carolina’s Commissioner of Insurance position in Greensboro in early January.  Causey chose Dare County to launch his campaign he said, “…to bring focus on the problem of insurance in the coastal counties. Premiums for household insurance, especially windstorm insurance, have skyrocketed in recent years in eastern North Carolina, worse yet in the coastal counties.”

Causey said he was urged by North Carolina Republican leaders to seek the office this year because of widespread and bipartisan criticism of how the State Office of Insurance has been administered.

Causey is also known as a consumer advocate and lobbyist for the Independent Auto Body Association (IABA) as well as  healthcare groups and Organic farming and Healthy Eating advocacy.

This will be Causey’s fourth attempt at the position, after losing in the general election in 1992, 1996 and 2000 to Democratic incumbent Jim Long.

Causey, a Greensboro native, will run under the Republican ticket. He currently serves as commissioner on the North Carolina Public Officers and Employees Liability Insurance Commission and is a member of the Guilford County Agricultural Advisory Board. Current Democratic Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is also seeking re-election.

In an interview in the Beaufort Observer, the interviewer expressed a “high level of frustration of residents of Beaufort County with the insurance business in our county. Many residents in Beaufort County experienced severe problems with insurance companies following Hurricane Irene and even more have experienced difficulty in obtaining satisfactory coverage at a reasonable price. We asked him what he proposed to do about those problems if elected.”

“One of the main reasons I’m running is that I want to help people who are having problems with insurance companies,” said Causey. “That would be one of my top priorities in building a “customer-oriented” Insurance Department. As for the problem of difficulty in getting reasonable coverage, particularly comprehensive homeowners’ and mobile homeowners’ policies, I would work with the Legislature to address that problem. One of the specific things I would want to look at is the idea of making every policy equally available across the state. That would broaden the risk pool and I think that is something we need to take a hard look at.” He added: “we need a more competitive insurance industry in North Carolina and that is another thing I would want to work on.”

Mike Causey is not to be confused with another Mike Causey, who is a senior correspondent for Federal News Radio. He covers federal employee pay and benefits issues and writes a daily column about these topics.

You can read our Mike Causey’s  columns at autobodynews.com/columnists/causey-mike.html.

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