Thursday, 23 June 2011 16:33

CIC Repair Standards Advisory Committee Plans Completion by November

The Repair Standards Advisory Committee, formed by the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) to address the desire for standards in the collision repair industry, announced that work has formally begun on the business case for an independent repair standards organization. The study is scheduled to be completed by early November in preparation for the meetings taking place in Las Vegas during the SEMA show.

The work on the business case will include interviews designed to establish the level of industry support for repair standards, as well as an evaluation of the different business models that may sustain the standards effort going forward.

"Our interview schedule is very aggressive," said Russell Thrall III, co-chair of the Repair Standards Advisory committee. "The key to the success of this research is the involvement of all segments of the broader industry, repairers, insurers, suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and others, in the research."

Michael Condon, who will be conducting the interviews and developing the business case for repair standards in conjunction with the Advisory Committee said, "We plan an efficient and thoughtful interview process, capturing not only relevant data but the ideas and opinions of the best and brightest in the industry," said Condon. "Each and every interview will be anonymous ensuring a frank discussion of the repair standards issue."

Scheduling for the interviews will start immediately and be conducted between July 1 and August 30. "The summer vacation season aside, we expect excellent participation and very productive interviews," Thrall concluded.

The work is being funded by the industry on a voluntary basis. Individuals and companies that would like to support the study can send sponsorship checks to: Quandec Corporation-CIC Repair Standards Fund, PO Box 538, Tannersville, PA 18372