Thursday, 07 April 2011 15:38

SCRS Membership Program with Education Foundation Generates Huge Success in First Quarter of 2011

In November of 2010, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announced that the organization would sponsor the cost of membership for educational facilities with collision repair vocational or technical programs as part of a partnership with the Collision Repair Education Foundation. The memberships serve to enhance SCRS' ongoing effort to support industry education and provide added value to the importance that the Education Foundation serves in the industry. To qualify for the sponsored membership, the educational institution simply was required to complete the Collision Repair Education Foundation's online School Solutions Survey.

At the close of the first quarter of 2011, SCRS has currently presented over $21,000 worth of memberships to over 70 participating schools. "It is exciting to be able to offer this support to the educational segment of our industry," shared SCRS Education Committee Chair Paul Val. "Education plays such a pivotal role in today's repair process, and making sure these incoming members of our trade are connected to their association, and that the educators are being kept up to date with the information generated by the association, is a tremendous asset to the repair facilities we serve."

With participation climbing, SCRS is able to expand communications with a greater audience in the technical education sector while providing further opportunity for SCRS to extend it's history of support to other initiatives that foster significant benefit to the industry. The program with the Collision Repair Education Foundation speaks directly to fulfilling the objectives of both organizations, creating a system where the industry is the real benefactor.

"The future of our industry looks much brighter when there is a strong relationship and interconnectivity between collision repair businesses, professionals in the trade, collision repair schools and students," says Education Foundation Executive Director Scott Kruger. "Students and instructors will certainly benefit by connecting with the collision repair industry through SCRS, with both segments learning the current and future needs and issues of our profession."

For schools interested in participating in the survey and receiving a sponsored membership from SCRS, please visit http://collisioneducationfoundation.org/solutions-survey/ and complete the online survey.

About the Collision Repair Education Foundation: The Collision Repair Education Foundation, founded in 1991, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to securing donations that support philanthropic and collision repair education activities that promote and enhance career opportunities in the industry. For information on how to donate to programs supported by the Education Foundation visit us on the Internet at: www.collisioneducationfoundation.org.

About SCRS: Through its direct members and 39 affiliate associations, SCRS is comprised of 6,000 collision repair businesses and 58,500 specialized professionals who work with consumers and insurance companies to repair collision-damaged vehicles. Additional information about SCRS including other news releases is available at the SCRS Web site: www.scrs.com. You can e-mail SCRS at the following address: info@scrs.com.

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