Friday, 04 March 2011 20:18

Reflexxion Automotive Products, LLC, Pursuing Trademark Infringement Action Against Tong Yang Group

Reflexxion Automotive Products, LLC, a Memphis-based manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket automotive products, has filed a Trademark Infringement lawsuit to protect its “Diamond Standard” line of bumpers and structural parts.

The lawsuit alleges that Tong Yang Group, a Taiwanese company, as well T.Y.G. Management, Inc, and T.Y.G Products, LP both headquartered in Texas, have infringed Reflexxion’s “Diamond Standard” Trademark through their use of the confusingly similar “Diamond Quality” mark for aftermarket automotive products, including bumpers and structural parts.

Reflexxion seeks both monetary damages and injunctive relief in order to distinguish “Diamond Standard” products and prevent  confusion with Tong Yang’s products.

The case is before Chief Judge McCalla in the United States District Court of Tennessee, Western Division, Docket No. 2:10-cv-02633-dkv.

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