Wednesday, 23 February 2011 23:00

CREW Hosts New CIC Chairman Mike Quinn in Webcast

The February webcast of the Collision Repair Executive Webcast (CREW) hosted new Collision Industry Conference (CIC) Chairman Mike Quinn. Quinn also owns 911 Collision Centers with 7 locations in Arizona.

The webcast detailed Quinn’s goals for his 2011-2012 term at CIC Chairman. Quinn’s main goals are to increase attendance and participation, increase trust, make CIC a place for people to voice issues without fear of criticism, create a process where committees can develop work product that is valued by the industry and formulate processes to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of CIC as a body.

Quinn further explained what he means by process by using the class A standard of a work facility that came from CIC previously as an example. He also mentioned the effectiveness of CIECA and their work with electronic commerce as a good process that was brought by a committee before his term.

Quinn said he would like to make CIC helpful in creating a solution or finished product that can help solve a problem, not just a floor for people to vent their issues and opinions.

“We’ve paired down a few of the committees,” said Quinn. CIC steamlined a few of their committees this term in order to make sure each committee had a specific and attainable goal.

“We’re going to create a voting standard for the adoption of practices,” said Quinn. The hope is that new processes for solving issue within the industry can be voted on by committees, presented to the whole CIC to vote, then to the entire industry before attempted adoption.

Quinn said he would like to see a repair standards committee take a similar route as compared to CIECA.

“We’ve worked very closely with Thatcham... we’re hoping to discuss their repair standard at the July meeting,” said Quinn.

Quinn also talked about promoting respect and new leadership at CIC meetings and in committees.

“All segments of the industry need to be represented, respected and able to participate,” said Quinn.

New guidelines and a code of conduct were released at the Palm Springs meeting held on January 12, 13, 14 to increase respect and encourage communication.

“We’re reaching out to a number of the top 10 insurers and others to participate,” said Quinn, “And repairers as well as vendors.”

Quinn also spoke about the close vote during the Palm Springs meeting between whether to hold the November 2011 meeting at NACE or SEMA; SEMA won out by one vote.

“The vote was 99 to 98 in favor of SEMA, that really shows how divided this industry is over this issue,” said Quinn.

Quinn also spoke about how this split is the beginning of a big change in how people conduct business and whether or not they attend trade shows, largely thanks to technology.

Quinn was asked whether or not the CIC meetings should be televised or streamed live by webcast, and he expressed that it was a good idea although CIC has some concerns about privacy and people continuing to be open with their opinions when they know they are being broadcasted worldwide.

“It’s inevitable for the mere reason we’re talking about it,” said Quinn, who is positive technology will influence future meetings.

Quinn also plans to engage younger people in the industry to participate in CIC, he said that he is already doing this through some of the people he has elected to chair certain committees and by reaching out to repairers to attend.

“The only way we’re going to get new leadership ... is to have the leaders in the industry reach out to the younger people and bring them forward to participate,” said Quinn.

Upcoming meetings for the CIC are: March 17 in Newark, NJ, July 20 in Salt Lake City, UT and November 2 and 3 in Las Vegas, NV.

For more information please visit www.ciclink.com or www.crewwebcast.com.

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