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Four I-CAR Instructors Join Collision Repair Education Foundation's Industry Leadership Circle through Donations

Four I-CAR instructors join Celette's Tim Morgan and Audatex's, Tony Aquila as Collision Repair Education Foundation Industry Leadership Circle donors in 2010 through their personal contributions of over $1,000. Each instructor elected to have part of their I-CAR class fees go towards specific programs within the Foundation. These I-CAR instructors include:

Paul Holman - donated to the Foundation's Lon Baudoux Legacy Scholarship Fund

Tony Passwater - donated to the Foundation's Lon Baudoux Legacy Scholarship Fund

Roy Taylor - donated to the Foundation's Lon Baudoux Legacy Scholarship Fund

Michael Minutillo - donated to the Foundation's Collision Repair Education Campaign Fund

Collision Repair Education Foundation Executive Director Scott Kruger said, "These individuals have made an extraordinary commitment to collision repair schools and students and an investment in the future of our industry. They represent a small sample of our colleagues, co-workers, and friends who have supported the Education Foundation out of their own pockets. Thank you all for your support."

I-CAR Instructor Tony Passwater noted, "Lon was a very good I-CAR instructor and a very strong advocate for I-CAR, its mission, and its value to the Industry. He was one of my first great instructors when I was a Regional Manager that I could count on. He then was a great Regional Manager and then Instructor Training Manager. Most important he was a friend that I always could count on. It is not often that individuals such as Lon pass through your life, and his work and commitment to this industry should never be forgotten."

I-CAR Instructor Roy Taylor added, "While I did not have the opportunity to meet Lon, with our mutual involvement in I-CAR and our shared values and goals of providing continuing education and training for the collision repair industry, this small contribution seemed to be just the right thing to do."

The Lon Baudoux Legacy Scholarship was created in memory of I-CAR Development Manager Lon Baudoux, who passed away on November 11, 2008. Lon had been an employee with I-CAR since 1997. He highly valued education, especially for secondary and post-secondary students studying collision repair.

Industry professionals who are interested in supporting the Foundation's efforts to support secondary and post-secondary collision students can make tax-deductible donations through the Foundation's web site at www.CollisionEducationFoundation.org or by contacting Education Foundation Associate Director of Development, Brandon Eckenrode at Brandon.Eckenrode@ed-foundation.org or 847.463.5244.

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