Wednesday, 03 November 2010 10:41

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Successful in Taking Connecticut Senate Race

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D), known for his 20 years as Connecticut's Attorney General and his outspoken work with the Auto Body Association of Connecticut against steering and insurance company trusts, was sucessful in securing the one Connecticut Senate seat open in this years midterm elections.

Blumenthal was able to defeat opposing candidate, WWE CEO Linda McMahon (R), with about 54% of the vote.

Blumenthal is best known for his work with local auto dealerships during large automakers' downsizing efforts in the last few years. He has worked to enforce a Connecticut state law that provides "protection to dealers terminated without good cause" and provide arbitration rights to terminated dealerships.

More information about Blumenthal's past in relation to collision repair can be found on the ABAC's website at abaconn.com, or on Blumenthal's campaign website at richardblumenthal.com.